About US   
Beautycom technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, mainly introduce medical equipment and medical beauty supplies of well-known brands in European, Korea, and from other countries. Our products include Bistool Silicone facial implant from Korea, PUREFORM Gore-Tex facial implant from the United States, Korust UTIMS A1 ultrasound machine and PDO suture from European, all the medical equipment are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) for medical equipment class IIregistration.
In response of extend our market share of target market within the variety medical beauty market, we steadily increase our competitiveness and enforce to progress forward for accomplishing customer needs.
Apparently, our customers are covering all he different major chain. Around 1000 Medical/beauty clinics in Taiwan are using our TFDA approved medical equipment, and our service quality standard does not be allowed to make any mistake in medical science technology. We indeed believe to satisfy Specialists’ requirement is our main power of constantly momentum for moving forward.
Theory of Business 
Introducing the world-class anti-aging products
The CEO of Beautycom, is constantly promoting professional and elegant service through his business theory since decade ago when he entered Medical beauty field.
In fact, this is always corresponding to the goal of providing the best products. Strictly demand ourselves again and again, insist to follow the main purpose of providing the Anti-aging products of well brand to customers in Taiwan. Fortunately, we do success in managing and selling of many well-known brand products, and further more to establish our own market reputation by forging a target market of Foreigner Company to expand the local market share.
Beautycom does always believe, combining professional standard with unique technic, the new beauty generation will be structured continually.